Life Upgrade
Tracy Holloway
Tracy Holloway
Creator of The Life Upgrade System,
Metaphysician & Founder of Quantum Training.

Life Upgrade by Tracy Holloway

What is Life Upgrade?
A system for personal transformation 'A New Way Of Being'.
What is the ethos/philosophy?
All problems experienced on an individual and global level are caused by fragmentation the perception of separation.  Life Upgrade is an easily accessible model for returning to wholeness.  It focuses on the interconnectedness of all things, our relationship with ourselves, others, our planet and creation itself.
Who's it for?
Anyone who wishes to get outside of the box of limited thinking, old habits, never-ending loops, and instead start living a truly authentic life creative, inspired, healthy and happy.  Those wishing to be conscious of a collective framework of thought-projected reality which shapes our shared world, and hold a vision of Oneness, unity, and inspired, effortless living for all.
What does it do?
It frees the mind to create reality by accessing the field of Divine/Greater intelligence from which all things come into being.  This cutting edge energy psychology takes participants on a journey of self discovery, into how reality is created and puts them in the driving seat of their own lives.  Rather than a time consuming or elaborate process of looking at the problem, endlessly analysing and digging up the past (which is often very painful, traumatic and less than fruitful) Life Upgrade delivers a way of being which unhooks the information codes from the past and upgrades the person to a greater intelligence.
How does it do it?
The system is unique.  It is based on the premise that reality is created by morphogenic fields which hold matter in a particular form based on the information held.  Consciousness, or thought, affects the shape, or form, of the field and therefore holds reality in a particular pattern.  Most people's thoughts are caught in one loop or another as energy had been held or fragmented at some point in time.  The information codes which create reality look like a data storage system with many files left open and many programs still left running years after difficult events have past.  Many streams of data loop, a bit like leaving your computer running out-of-date software, taking up space, using up energy, and leaving the overall system compromised.

In a nutshell, the subconscious mind has an interface and an operator who is given new colourful symbols (the subconscious loves symbols) and you set it the task to file away out-of-date info, delete all the unwanted rubbish, and upgrade to a new heightened state of awareness the mind's true power.

The true power of the mind knows exactly how to keep the body healthy and regenerating.

The true power of the mind knows how to create reality in tune with a much bigger, whole-istic vision.

The mind's true power knows who you really came here to be.
What are the key points?
Reality is created by information codes resonating at particular frequencies.  These are light energy transmission which have consciousness thoughts, mainly about the past.  Most of the reality which people create is based on their past experiences, the experiences of their ancestors, and the overall collective consciousness that they are hooked into.  These thoughts create information codes which hold any possible experience at a limited vibration or at a greater level of expansion.

These codes, which are constantly accessed, day to day, moment by moment are the information library of experience through which we respond and react to our environment.  The codes, and our response to them, create a perception of reality, based on the past, and are often endlessly running in a loop like a broken tape player that has been recording and playing the same story since the beginning of time.  Life Upgrade shows you how to see the loop, take out the tape and write a new story based on an awareness of unity, oneness and global consciousness.

The initial 3 day Foundation course takes you on a complete inner journey from being the storyteller of your own sad historic tale, to being the narrator of the greatest show on earth.

Oneness is everything.  Being present is the key.  Life Upgrade is an evolutionary step within consciousness which will, at last, set you truly free.